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The War Of The Living Room

Over the years I have ceded my living room more times than C P and Berar has been ceded in the annals of Indian history!

English phrases that make perfect sense — to Indians

Now that English is a global language, with non-native speakers outnumbering native speakers, it has taken on a life of its own in non-English-speaking countries, and the question of correctness, of who owns English, is taking on a new spin.

The great job hunt

We had done extensive research about job interviews by turning to our primary source of information — Hindi movies. What we saw reassured us greatly. All one had to do was to sit in a cabin and sign some papers after getting selected! That was what Jeetendra did in the movie.

When the Leopard came calling…

The other day an sms growled at me: ‘Could you do a guest post for my blog? You can write on anything,’  ( in corresponding sms lingo of course) Now if you are wondering how an sms can growl and if I have some latest gadget that allows ‘speaking sms’  or something, let me enlighten […]

The new TRP factor

It is time for the saas-bahu serials to take a break. The new TRP mantra is here…to stay.

From the secret diary of ‘The Crown Prince’.

The blue-eyed boy of the Congress is hogging all the audiovisual bytes these days. But for all his public image, our dimpled ‘future PM’ is a shy guy. Alka Gurha gives her readers a sneak peek into his secret diary, which is privy to his innermost thoughts.

These grapes are sour…

What to do with the remaining 30 kgs of potential squish? This was a serious problem that needed some out-of-the-box solutions.

A rose is a rose is a rose – or is it?

There are many names and nicknames that are rather descriptive and sometimes amusing. But often the nicknames stick and it is not uncommon to find a grandfather called Laddoo or a grandmother called Baby.

We speak Indish!

The errors are not only grammatical, but pertain to pronunciation, spelling — the entire lot! They can confuse, confound and crack you up if not actually drive you crazy!