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It’s fun being a ‘har-topic-wali’ blogger!

Come February, Cybernag would complete nine years, one shy of a decade. And just like that, I began thinking of the beginning…. I had started blogging at a time when blogging was still ‘web logging’ in practice, though the terms ‘blogging’ and ‘blogger’ had already been coined and in use. We bloggers were full of […]

Ayyappa, here I come!

S was all excited about visiting ‘Shabarimala.’

Spare me the jargon please!

Don’t ever shy away from using as much jargon as you can, for the more befuddled your words and sentences are, the more intelligent you will deemed to be.

The War Of The Living Room

Over the years I have ceded my living room more times than C P and Berar has been ceded in the annals of Indian history!

Driving (us) Crazy

Did you know that driving and parking the car are family activities in the L&M’s family?

English phrases that make perfect sense — to Indians

Now that English is a global language, with non-native speakers outnumbering native speakers, it has taken on a life of its own in non-English-speaking countries, and the question of correctness, of who owns English, is taking on a new spin.

The great job hunt

We had done extensive research about job interviews by turning to our primary source of information — Hindi movies. What we saw reassured us greatly. All one had to do was to sit in a cabin and sign some papers after getting selected! That was what Jeetendra did in the movie.

When the Leopard came calling…

The other day an sms growled at me: ‘Could you do a guest post for my blog? You can write on anything,’  ( in corresponding sms lingo of course) Now if you are wondering how an sms can growl and if I have some latest gadget that allows ‘speaking sms’  or something, let me enlighten […]

The new TRP factor

It is time for the saas-bahu serials to take a break. The new TRP mantra is here…to stay.

From the secret diary of ‘The Crown Prince’.

The blue-eyed boy of the Congress is hogging all the audiovisual bytes these days. But for all his public image, our dimpled ‘future PM’ is a shy guy. Alka Gurha gives her readers a sneak peek into his secret diary, which is privy to his innermost thoughts.

These grapes are sour…

What to do with the remaining 30 kgs of potential squish? This was a serious problem that needed some out-of-the-box solutions.

A rose is a rose is a rose – or is it?

There are many names and nicknames that are rather descriptive and sometimes amusing. But often the nicknames stick and it is not uncommon to find a grandfather called Laddoo or a grandmother called Baby.

We speak Indish!

The errors are not only grammatical, but pertain to pronunciation, spelling — the entire lot! They can confuse, confound and crack you up if not actually drive you crazy!