L&M (and the Brats)

The best thing about the Lord and Master (L&M) is that there is one in almost every family. While some are acknowledged indulgently as the supreme beings that they imagine themselves to be, others remain unsung. When I had started the series, I had done it out of sheer frustration but slowly warmed up to it, seeing the protagonist enjoying them, even correcting me or offering suggestions for more posts by reminding me of his numerous ‘exploits’. Well to make a long story short, he and the brats – the older of whom is a father himself – came to grace my blog. Not surprisingly, they are among the most popular posts.

The first piece about the L&M and the Brats was published in the now defunct Eve’s magazine way back  in 1991 and subsequently in other publications including the Times of India, Delhi.  The success of the pieces kept me writing about their endearing (exasperating?) antics and the encouragement from the trio was heartening. Incidentally, the erstwhile Brats have been threatening to sue me for defamation!

Do enjoy the posts under the category The Lord & M and the Brats. 



  1. just foud out yur blog tday…loved t


    1. Welcome to my space Nikhimenon 🙂


  2. There is so much to read, will do so a little a day 🙂


    1. You are welcome Bhagyareema. Hope you enjoy them 🙂


  3. Great! So that means your fans goona get more articles!!!…
    🙂 And Lets see .. in which year you start tweeting too:) M optimistic kind of nocturnal creature, so never give up…

    Take care of you health Zephyr Mum and Be good!


  4. You are always most welcome Ridhima. I am glad the L&M series is helping youngsters to relive their own adolescent days.


  5. A request , hope u dnt mind sharing your Date of birth?. Let me know what stars do you rule!.. 🙂


    1. I tried to catch the wind,
      But it blew away from me,
      And flew into some wind chimes
      To play a symphony.
      The music was uplifting.
      The trees all raised their heads.
      The flowers did a waltz in their autumn beds.
      I zipped up my jacket when this zephyr danced with me.
      If I owned a sailboat, I would take her out to sea…

      M waiting for the dob zephyr mum! 😛 Share it with ur fans, so dat we can wish u atleast on the blog!


      1. That’s a sweet thought, Ridhima, but don’;t be fooled. the zephyr has a nasty way of turning into a mistral!

        This mum is a cancerian; explains why she suddenly starts walking crooked! dob, well, it is 26th june.


        1. Thanks for sharing! Yeah I can surely read the language of wit and can sense How naughty this Zephyr mum wud be!

          but certainly this Zephyr brings me sweet memories of the things I left behind. ( The Lord and the Brat series) esp. 😛

          It’s always a wonderful feeling to read here. Vinni D pooh accepts it or not.. He inherited all his writing skills from Zephyr mum..:) 😀


        2. I will make sure that your Lord , master and brat series becomes a HUGE hit!. D only thing we need to do it.. is increase traffic here.. Rest u can mesmerize anything with wonderful text.
          Wen you are already blogging.. soo nicely.
          why not also learn what ur kids are doing?? m talking abt tweeting.. :P.
          Any plans Zephyr mum?


          1. I am simply paranoid about the internet. It will be sometime before I can venture into that realm. But thanks so much for being so enthusiastic about this (grand) mum’s blog! Comments like these keep me going for sure.

            I am sorta afraid to know what my kids are actually doing!!


  6. I am smiling ( evil smile ) .. Best wishes to you. I know one of your brats 🙂 and I am sure he is proud to have a mom like you. simply rocking. love you


    1. Thank you! I am trying to picture your ‘evil’ smile and have to admit it is rather hard to!


  7. Well, now have read all the posts and tried not to miss any expression between the lines.. and now before I Go and start bugging my mum. I thought to bug u a little more as well.
    Seriously its been long that i have smiled or giggled reading a witty writing( apart from some reading nonny jokes;) lol)
    Dats y m soo happy.. I found you:)

    The text has its own vastness. U are blessed with witticism … Solid and subtle text that peers into Truth. The one liners reveals the depth of his insight and the wideness of his outlook.

    Writing or a poetry is a manifestation of reality .. rather reflection of ones character and personality. This is itself an indication about the Aura u must be carrying. And that same must have been transferred within the people around you.

    I cant eat ur head each day and say please write more 😉 lol .. but yes.. reading your expressions are nice.. so Unleashed thoughts..:)

    Suddenly Remember Hemingway’s lines..

    For we have thought the longer thoughts
    And gone the shorter way.
    And we have danced to devils’ tunes,
    Shivering home to pray;
    To serve one master in the night,
    Another in the day…


  8. Thanks:) It’s Generous to revert comments on each post i commented ( Dats a surprise element) 🙂 n i loved it:) and Thanks for the New post. U are Quick!:) and ofcourse Witty!:)

    New post for people writing in .. great idea.. yeah .. people like me can ask you gibberish questions(hehehe) and you can revert with witty answers;) howz dat;)
    As Common sense is Uncommon these days:)
    So wenever u start! M ready .. 1,2,3… 😉


  9. I can see the text posted here is just in the time duration of of just 15 days. Now i wonder wen i get to read more … Please post more often..
    I loved reading them…. but i finshed all that u posted 😦 . Now i wud read 2 of my fav again at night!
    But eager for more..??
    Plan to post often for ur readers???


    1. if this is not inspiration enough to write what is? thanks Ridhima. i will try my best to post more often.


  10. Man! this is one best thing i have came across in blogs ever…… The Title ROCKS!!!
    Lord, Master and the Brats( wen i get married and have kids) I wud use the same for them;) lol Thanks … This is like one helll of a post man.. I will actually apply it in my life..

    Man .. i worship Sarcasm and irony .. U are a Master!.
    O LORD , I hail To thee…
    Hugggs and loads of wishes..God Bless you..


    1. thank you. thank you..


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