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Can a relationship ever be 50:50?

Go that extra mile for a better relationship.

Old customs, new names – 1

If only we didn’t sneer at everything traditional as being regressive and patriarchal!, we would find much wisdom – especially pertaining to health – in many customs, if not all of them, .

Opening that window and breaking free!

The churning of the defining decades of the 60s and 70s produced not just the economic classes but also created distinct groups of women in the middle and upper ends of the social spectrum. These groups were formed as a result of the lessons that the events and experiences threw up, from which they learnt, learnt wrongly or didn’t learn at all.

A society in flux and the emerging womanpower

There was a time when issues concerning women were near similar for all classes of women across the social spectrum. It was only later that class demarcations began tearing the social fabric asunder and the concerns began diverging too, so much so that the classes could have been populating different planets.

Feminism and the Gen X woman

The issues confronting women were and still are infinitely more serious and life-changing than making choices about the size one wants to be, go pubbing or have sex outside marriage.

Give them a hand – of support and applause

The power of mobility can’t be quantified. In the early 90s, Sheela Rani Chunkat, the then district Collector of Pudukkottai, in Tamil Nadu had brought about a virtual revolution by providing the twin impetuses of mobility and literacy. And armed with the two, the most downtrodden of women – mostly stone quarry workers had formed cooperative societies to become owners of the very same quarries they mined as underpaid labourers!

Social justice: Can two wrongs make a right?

An eye for an eye is fine so long as the perpetrator is losing the eye, not someone who has to pay for the sins of their species. That’s what bugs me.