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WhatsApp to the world?

If I feel left out of ‘shares’ and forwards by friends and family, because I don’t use a smartphone, it is more than offset by my relief at not riding the tiger.

A date with Twitter

The Sunday Book Club is so informal and the discussions are such fun that to my greatest delight, even I tweet like mad, getting replies and retweets too!

Tweet Power!

For someone who is not on Twitter and has only a vague idea of the working of the medium, I have extracted full mileage out of it, don’t you think? Boy, am I excited!

All the world’s a village

All I need to do is log on to one of the social networking sites and I get to know what the Big B did over the weekend, what time Tendulkar turned in the previous night, what Priyanka Chopra had for lunch and so on.