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The Changing Face of Parenthood

Nuclear families and changing lifestyles have made parenting more challenging than ever. How is the present generation faring in comparison to the older generations?

Has the ‘Child’ in childhood disappeared?

Far from feeling carefree like butterflies and enjoying their childhood, our kids might actually be glad to leave their childhood behind them, considering how many of them are being pushed to excel by their parents!

What we are

We soar so high and so fast that we fail to see the hand that is holding us from falling and the other one that puts us into orbit.

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Tricky teen-talk

A vital aspect of the teen years is communication — or the lack of it. Simply put, they don’t want to communicate. I swear we had taught both the brats how to talk and answer questions when they were small! But I don’t know what went wrong and why they stopped talking, rather ‘didn’t want to talk about it’.

That was then….

It is not always a game of ‘mom-is-a-dodo.’ Once they enter their mid/late teens, it is not father against mother, but their parents against others’ parents. It is the all important thing to impress their friends by presenting their parents in the best light.