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Coming full circle–my journey of faith

The journey has been long–painful at times, exhilarating at others, but coming full circle has never been so enriching.

Old Customs, New Names – 2

When fitness enthusiasts go through their exercise routines, they often forget or are even unaware that our ancestors of various faiths did them too, only as part of religious rituals.

When a journey leads to a sacred space

It has to be a red-letter day when an ordinary post comes to the notice of a research scholar and gets featured on her blog Matriwords.

An uplifting daily fix

Faith, they say, can move mountains. And what better place to find it than a house of worship, where the faith of thousands effectively makes it throb with positive energy?

Sixty years on……

Switch on the TV and you have all the channels holding ‘discussions’ on one topic or other. I am sick of the same spokespersons of the various parties — of the brazenness of the ruling coalition, the self righteousness of the Opposition, the judgmental tone of the Left. Pots calling kettles black.