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What kind of friend are you?

I have often wondered about what makes a friendship either tick or zonk out.

Memories wrapped in melody

I have collected everything from pebbles to seashells to stamps to books, to sundry other stuff including carefully smoothed out candy wrappers over the years. I thought of them as hobbies, but all of them eventually disappeared – either given away, lost or simply discarded. But one collection has not only remained intact, but has […]

Neighbourly niceties

A friendly neighbourhood is like a warm joint family, where everyone looks out for and supports each other. Alas, these are fast becoming endangered, thanks to insular apartments with little need for interaction among the neighbours.

Thank you!

A note of thanks to my friends and readers on the eve of the third blogaversary of the Cybernag.

All that (Indi)meets the eye, is wonderful!

Indiblogger meets have been getting faster and too tech-savvy for me. Twitter and FB rule! And everything is quick, quick and quicker please. The old bones do protest, even if the spirit says, ‘Run, fast!’

The Blog Bully — Are you a victim?

When the Blog Bully goes calling, even the mightiest bloggers quake in their shoes. Have you been struck — yet?

Links and Tags

It has been a while since I picked up a tag. But this one was a perfect anniversary gift for my blog that has given me so much joy and a lot of friends.

Are you alone or lonely?

Being alone is a physical condition, while being lonely is entirely a mental condition.

My first year of nagging!

Nagging being in my blood, I wanted to capitalize on it. What better way to to do it than to call my blog after it? So The Cyber Nag was born!

‘My mother is a bundle of ‘No’es!’

He gave me one look with all the anger his four-year-old eyes could muster and sputtered, ‘In this whole world you are ……’ I could see him searching for the most indicting word to describe his heartless mother; ‘….the baddest mother!’ he finished and burst into tears.

Seven Random Things

Varsha had tagged me on this one.  I am not on any of the social blogging networks so I am not sure of my footing here. I am just learning the ropes and and I am sure the youngsters out there in blogosphere will help me along! So here goes: Old Hindi film songs: Old […]