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Prof. Yash Pal – From asking questions to answering them

Late Prof. Yash Pal loved children and their incessant questions. His book Random Curiosity is the result of that love.

Growing up with stories

Create some magic moments for your child. Tell them stories!

Has the ‘Child’ in childhood disappeared?

Far from feeling carefree like butterflies and enjoying their childhood, our kids might actually be glad to leave their childhood behind them, considering how many of them are being pushed to excel by their parents!

The invisible workforce

A child is a child, no matter if she is born in a slum or in a palace. She deserves the best. So if you cannot give her the best, at least do not let her have the worst. Or is it asking too much?

Children and sensitivity

By shielding children from the plight of the poor and powerless aren’t we ensuring that they grow up into insensitive adults who shun such realities to avoid being ‘depressed’?

What we are

We soar so high and so fast that we fail to see the hand that is holding us from falling and the other one that puts us into orbit.

Whose Right is it anyway?

The word Rights is perhaps the most abused one these days with everyone demanding theirs without sparing a thought to those whose rights they are impinging upon.

One sleepy post

If I lose an hour’s sleep, I need to sleep an extra three hours to make up the deficit. So if I stay awake say, till midnight one day, I need an extra nine hours’ sleep to make it up. Others need their work-outs, gym and yoga or tonics to keep fit; I need my snoooooooooze.

A child of destiny

Sometimes we have no control over events. Joey came to us because he was destined to.

Child abuse — has anything changed?

Children are increasingly becoming the victims of every kind of crime. What is even more disturbing is the fact that they are themselves becoming the perpetrators of the abuse and other crimes against other children, be it rape or murder. My heart goes out to the parents who send their children to school everyday, not knowing which beast is lurking around the corner. Creating awareness to protect the children and noise enough to scare the criminals are the only solutions in sight.

Cute nursery rhymes?

The one good thing about nursery rhymes is that they are taught to very small children who don’t ask you the meaning of the words but happily sing them!

Where is the magic of childhood?

One need not have oodles of money for children to have fun. All it requires is imagination and some effort.