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Why do we need memory?

What if a society has citizens who have their memories wiped clean?

Two books, Karma, Clairvoyance, Reincarnation – I

The awareness of the causes and effects of karma is perhaps the single most important factor that can help spiritual evolvement of human beings.

Death tells a story – The Book Thief

At the cost of sounding morbid, I would say that Death personified by Markus Zusak in The Book Thief completely fascinates me. He is shown as not only having a heart, but also compassion.

Travelling to Lonely Places with Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer and his ‘Falling off the Map’ has brought out the book reviewer in me!

From asking questions to answering them

While answering the questions he never becomes the boring teacher explaining some scientific theory. Instead he is witty, chatty and down-to-earth.