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The Changing Face of Parenthood

Nuclear families and changing lifestyles have made parenting more challenging than ever. How is the present generation faring in comparison to the older generations?

Growing up with stories

Create some magic moments for your child. Tell them stories!

Earthen Diya memories

Even as times change, there are some things that remain constant, such as the enchantment of the diya burning bright on Diwali, discovers my guest blogger Arti.

‘They have to learn, amma!’

We sit ramrod stiff one behind the other in front of the camera and can’t move from our posts because she wants both of us there, even if she is busy doing something other than talking to us. And with the L&M frequently rushing out of the room to either talk on his phone or on some other errand, she pipes up, ‘I can’t see thatha!’

Giving unconditionally

We talk of food, blog about it, exchange recipes, and discuss the plus and minus points of eateries. But how many of us can honestly say we have experienced hunger – not the hunger pangs we feel at stipulated mealtimes but real hunger that goes on and on.

I love paati…

Blessed are the parents who get to raise their kids, but twice blessed are the grandparents, because they have experienced the joys of raising their children and then enjoying THEIR children.