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Feminism and the Gen X woman

The issues confronting women were and still are infinitely more serious and life-changing than making choices about the size one wants to be, go pubbing or have sex outside marriage.

Lessons in compassion on a train journey

A terrible migraine interspersed with the conversation of my fellow passengers taught me a lot of things and made me think — about the need for compassion and how dangerous the lack of it can be especially among wannabe social ‘reformers.’

How about making an ‘investment’?

Giving is even more meaningful, when the recipient becomes a productive member of the society.

The new caste equation

As compared to the earlier caste system which was determined by birth, the present one is defined by material wealth and social status.

A champion of women’s rights – Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

India needs a Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar more than ever today when a lot needs to be done for the state of education and the condition of the girl child and there is a vacuum in the field of social reform with so called reformers indulging in polemics and games of one-upmanship.

Why illiteracy is not a big deal in India

There are many jobs and professions in our country that can be practised without a formal degree, licence or even basic education. What is more, they pay well. Is that why education and literacy are not considered important enough?

Is a degree holder really ‘educated’?

I leave it to you to decide whether a degree provides its holder ‘edification’ and ‘culture’ — two of the words thrown up by the thesaurus to define education.