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Why illiteracy is not a big deal in India

There are many jobs and professions in our country that can be practised without a formal degree, licence or even basic education. What is more, they pay well. Is that why education and literacy are not considered important enough?

Is a degree holder really ‘educated’?

I leave it to you to decide whether a degree provides its holder ‘edification’ and ‘culture’ — two of the words thrown up by the thesaurus to define education.

Child abuse — has anything changed?

Children are increasingly becoming the victims of every kind of crime. What is even more disturbing is the fact that they are themselves becoming the perpetrators of the abuse and other crimes against other children, be it rape or murder. My heart goes out to the parents who send their children to school everyday, not knowing which beast is lurking around the corner. Creating awareness to protect the children and noise enough to scare the criminals are the only solutions in sight.