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With stars in their eyes and dreams in their hearts….

Most youngsters from the underprivileged sections of urban India dream of a career in the glamour world, as they fanatically follow the lives of their favourite stars.

The new caste equation

As compared to the earlier caste system which was determined by birth, the present one is defined by material wealth and social status.

Slumdogs and the Millionaires

Slums are the biggest and cheapest vote banks. Minority, caste, regional or the intellectual vote banks come at a price, often a steep one. A slum dweller on the other hand will take a thousand rupees or less and/or a bottle of booze to press the button on the EVM.

Sixty years on……

Switch on the TV and you have all the channels holding ‘discussions’ on one topic or other. I am sick of the same spokespersons of the various parties — of the brazenness of the ruling coalition, the self righteousness of the Opposition, the judgmental tone of the Left. Pots calling kettles black.