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Eat your way into the record books!

But at what cost? The obscene quantities of food being demolished can feed hundreds of hungry people, besides playing havoc with the competitor’s health.

Of Beauty, Barbie and Granny Hair

Being confident about oneself means not finding the need to make proclamations about loving one’s body or such! Where is the need to justify anything? The confidence should be speaking for itself.

Information Overload could be creating clueless mini-adults

Information overload can adversely affect children in more ways than one, mainly robbing them of their innocence.

An evening with a ‘Culture Vulture’

I had forgotten that being upper class snobs also makes them rude, as they consider themselves above such civilities.

The naming game

The way giants from various fields have been ignored in favour of the Gandhi family while naming national assets makes one wonder if they should have changed their last names to be counted!

Keep that spark alive, girls!

When there is a spark inside you, it will burst forth into a flame one day, no matter your social standing or circumstances. The idea is to light that spark, stoke it and not let it get extinguished.

Lessons in compassion on a train journey

A terrible migraine interspersed with the conversation of my fellow passengers taught me a lot of things and made me think — about the need for compassion and how dangerous the lack of it can be especially among wannabe social ‘reformers.’

WhatsApp to the world?

If I feel left out of ‘shares’ and forwards by friends and family, because I don’t use a smartphone, it is more than offset by my relief at not riding the tiger.

Is ‘big fat’ a status symbol?

Gifting has now become a crazy game of catch-me-if-you-can, where the sentiment behind the gift is lost in the competition to show off. Weren’t gifts supposed to be something to be selected lovingly, given with a lot of love and cherished?

Of hypocrisy, selfishness, cowardice and more…

We have double standards and are very choosy about whom we defend, for we are hypocrites. It has a name : Selective outrage.

Why illiteracy is not a big deal in India

There are many jobs and professions in our country that can be practised without a formal degree, licence or even basic education. What is more, they pay well. Is that why education and literacy are not considered important enough?

Wake up please!

The government had better wake up and fast but it seems to be in deep slumber and lost in wonderful dreams of a victory in its much touted War on Terror. It obviously thinks that by just giving statements and visiting victims in hospitals after every terror attack it can gain ‘victory’.

Freedom struggle of another kind

As we prepare to celebrate yet another edition of Independence Day, take a look at a young boy’s coming to terms with freedom lost and regained. A lesson for us too…