This silent national anthem is more eloquent than the ones played today in schools, when students stand up – silently.


The friendly neighbourhood Family Doctor is a fast vanishing breed in times of specialisation and five-star hospital care.


I had forgotten that being upper class snobs also makes them rude, as they consider themselves above such civilities.


Contrary to what children and even parents believe, games and physical exercise of any kind actually aid good academic performance.

buri nazar 3

I think the use of a mirror at the entrance of the house is a brilliant idea. When one looks at oneself in the mirror, what emotions can one have except positive ones? What an idea, sirjee!


Here is to the hero of our times, the man who effortlessly navigated through the confusing and confounding times when everything around us was changing. And not just that, he managed to keep us grounded too, giving us an identity when many were going through an identity crisis.


The way giants from various fields have been ignored in favour of the Gandhi family while naming national assets makes one wonder if they should have changed their last names to be counted!

Aviary Photo_131077488090262059

Chockful of talent at the lively summer camp for underprivileged children.


More often than not, it is the fear of fear itself that holds us back from new experiences.


Train travel was magic in motion, at least for the kids, no matter how hot it was, no matter if the berths were just hard wooden slats.


Isn’t it amazing how profound psychological concepts are wrapped in religious imagery in Hinduism?

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The awareness of the causes and effects of karma is perhaps the single most important factor that can help spiritual evolvement of human beings.


Sometimes an image captured by our eyes and imprinted in our memories is more enduring and evocative than one captured on film.


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