Studies have proved that children who have little or no exposure to English can understand basic concepts better in their own mother tongue.


They say that men are not useful around the house and that they can’t do housework. Well, they haven”t met the L&M, then! 

Th glorious blue sky over Stirling Castle in Scotland

Blue is the most popular colour in the world among both men and women. No wonder, because its positive aspects far outweigh its negative ones of coldness and depression.


What do parents look for when they want to admit their children to a good school?

The vibrant and colourful garba

The Navratri kolu itself is a showcase of the artistic and aesthetic sensibilities of the people and is a combined effort of all the members of the family.celebrated in different ways around the country.


My maids have the biggest complaint against me – I ‘control’ them. Controlling what, you ask? The flow of water, of course! Yes, I am a control freak that way. So much so that I try to be in the kitchen when they wash the vessels. But it is of no use. The tap gushes […]


I finally lost my arithmophobia when I began running my home. The humble milkman, grocer and paperwala managed to teach me how to calculate faster than Chacha Choudhary — whose brain works faster than a computer!


This silent national anthem is more eloquent than the ones played today in schools, when students stand up – silently.


The friendly neighbourhood Family Doctor is a fast vanishing breed in times of specialisation and five-star hospital care.


I had forgotten that being upper class snobs also makes them rude, as they consider themselves above such civilities.


Contrary to what children and even parents believe, games and physical exercise of any kind actually aid good academic performance.

buri nazar 3

I think the use of a mirror at the entrance of the house is a brilliant idea. When one looks at oneself in the mirror, what emotions can one have except positive ones? What an idea, sirjee!