Without questions man would never have progressed beyond the caveman period of human development.

The simplest and most easily accessible form of satsang is listening to religious and spiritual discourses.

My introspection made me face my strengths and weaknesses, some pleasant, some never examined and some others not so pleasant.

Studies have proved that children who have little or no exposure to English can understand basic concepts better in their own mother tongue.

Soul-Minimalism is a wonderful spiritual exercise, which does not involve any lifestyle changes and yet, can change one’s life for the better!

Though many vrats and festivals fall during Dhanurmasa, the crown jewels are Vaikuntha Ekadashi and Arudra Darisanam, the former dedicated to Mahavishnu and the latter to Shiva.

The pre-dawn hours of this month especially are not only very sacred, but also beneficial to our health.

Even as times change, there are some things that remain constant, such as the enchantment of the diya burning bright on Diwali, discovers my guest blogger Arti.

We are seemingly living in the times of Winston Smith and Jerry, all caught up in a ‘Chocolate War’ of our own.

It is not just individuals who seek validation, but sometimes an entire community, people, and even nations need validation of their collective experience.

When Maggi noodles had come back into the market in 2018 after the lifting of the SC ban, there was a spate of articles and several ‘research papers’, some by premier social sciences institutions trying to prove that it was not only highly nutritious, but also erased the caste divide!

It is possible to keep our minds neutral about things/people and accept them as they are if only our ego weren’t to butt in with its own biases.

Happiness, like joy, also can be ephemeral unless it comes from within.