It is a pity that many of the games that were played a couple of generations ago have become virtually ‘extinct’ today.

For any relationship to thrive, the most important thing needed is space – not necessarily physical.

Go that extra mile for a better relationship.

Don’t ever shy away from using as much jargon as you can, for the more befuddled your words and sentences are, the more intelligent you will deemed to be.

Not for nothing did our elders say that the mind is like a monkey that can’t stay still.

Being confident about oneself means not finding the need to make proclamations about loving one’s body or such! Where is the need to justify anything? The confidence should be speaking for itself.

Annadanam is distinct from poor feeding, as it is about feeding the hungry, regardless of whether it is a human or other living beings, even an ant!

An L&M post for Valentine’s Day, especially since neither of us give it even a thought? Gasp! My regular readers are sure to do a double take when they see the title and read the post, for this one is a little ‘hatke’. The man himself was mighty pleased and smiled smugly. After all, he has […]

Information overload can adversely affect children in more ways than one, mainly robbing them of their innocence.

Remembering Subhash Chandra Bose, the original Bengal Tiger and the architect of the INA (Indian National Army), on his Birth Anniversary today — January 23.

If we take away the emotions and feelings associated with memories they would mean nothing to us.

What if a society has citizens who have their memories wiped clean?

The tradition of lighting candles and lamps during various festivals around the world, all have behind them the figurative significance of dispelling the darkness of the mind and ushering in wisdom.