When the Leopard came calling…

The other day an sms growled at me: ‘Could you do a guest post for my blog? You can write on anything,’  ( in corresponding sms lingo of course)

Now if you are wondering how an sms can growl and if I have some latest gadget that allows ‘speaking sms’  or something, let me enlighten you: when the sender is Snow Leopard aka Prateek, even an sms can growl! Not about to irk the Leopard, I sent off my post Dig the lingo dudes to him ASAP and it has been published on Unpredictable Blog. Do read my guest post there!

Note: I am sorry folks,  if the title misled you into thinking that this is  a wildlife post!

(Image source: Picasaweb.google.com)



  1. You should publish your phone number so that everyone can send you messages that growl, meow, bark, trumpet, hiss or , like in my case, roar. :o)


    1. Ha, fat chance of that happening. But you can send emails and comments that can do those things even more effectively. I am replying to your other comment on smileys here: I don’t understand the text smileys — after all there is only so much a middle aged grandma can learn at her age — which is why I prefer the graphic ones. At least I know what the commenter is saying. What if he or she is cussing me out and I think it is a compliment? 🙂


  2. hahahahahhaha! Zephyr…that post was hilarious…dont ask me why I didnt comment there 😦 this page was open so I came here 🙂

    paradigm shift – That one is definitely a pain to hear from anyone 🙂


    1. Glad you enjoyed the post RM. You are welcome to post the comment here, that way even this post notification has a comment :).


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