It was in my 30s that I began searching for grey hair – on my head, that is. No, not to remove them or begin dyeing my hair, but to flaunt them. Call me weird if you like, but I love to count my years and feel happy to have become a year older every […]


Comic books might not have literary value but those like Amar Chitra Katha have brought the myths, folk tales, epics and biographies within the grasp of even primary school children.

What an experienced librarian, a frantic mother and dozens of children reading books in our living room couldn’t do, was accomplished by a little girl, who turned the boy into a reader!

Create some magic moments for your child. Tell them stories!


For me, magic was in that room filled with books in my grandfather’s house.


Fear can take over our lives and tie us into knots if only we let it. So don’t!


Our mind has a way of distilling the best memories and filling our hearts when the object has left us – forever. An adoring sister pays homage to her Big Brother….


When fitness enthusiasts go through their exercise routines, they often forget or are even unaware that our ancestors of various religions did them too, only as part of religious rituals.

religious fasting

Don’t you fast during Navaratras? my maid asked me. ‘No, we make a feast for the goddess and eat it,’ I replied, much to her disgust.

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Writing a biography is not easy. It gets tougher when it is about the childhood of eminent personalities. But it is most challenging when the target audience is children.


A friendly neighbourhood is like a warm joint family, where everyone looks out for and supports each other. Alas, these are fast becoming endangered, thanks to insular apartments with little need for interaction among the neighbours.


Giving is even more meaningful, when the recipient becomes a productive member of the society.

Prayer post

The journey has been long — painful at times, exhilarating at others, but coming full circle has never been so satisfying.


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