I began realising that I knew nothing whatever of child rearing. I had been screwing up their lives, no less.


Nuclear families and changing lifestyles have made parenting more challenging than ever. How is the present generation faring in comparison to the older generations?

Walking on water at sunset

Stumbling through the highs and lows of life, I finally come full circle in my journey of faith.

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The journey continues, as I argue and stumble……


It has to be a red-letter day when an ordinary post comes to the notice of a research scholar and gets featured on her blog Matriwords.

The fact that we have woken up in the morning means that we have been given another chance to better the previous day and ourselves.

Muslims offering namaz in a Ganpati Pandal in Mumbai

We need to share stories of harmony among communities to douse the communal flames being stoked by the media, politicians and celebrities. Believe me, there are thousands of them happening every minute in the country.


Today, festivals like everything else are all readymade, easy to use –almost designer stuff.


This was one meet I had attended not as a blogger but as a mother just to bask in the glory of my children – including the daughter I have gained through Indiblogger.


If you want others to enjoy being with you, you should know how to enjoy being with yourself first.

Yellowed by age, but still a treasure

I have collected everything from pebbles to seashells to stamps to books, to sundry other stuff including carefully smoothed out candy wrappers over the years. I thought of them as hobbies, but all of them eventually disappeared – either given away, lost or simply discarded. But one collection has not only remained intact, but has […]


It is only the toothless, both young and old — that appreciate it when their basic needs are met. For the rest, the needs are too complex to be satisfied easily.

Resized cornwall

We go through life collecting treasures of precious memories — to hold close to our heart and pull out one at a time to savour at leisure.


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