Are Indians the most colour-discriminating?

Like millions of my compatriots, I used to ask, ‘Why are Indians so colour-fixated?’ It made me mad and angry and all other things besides to think that we are discriminating against each other on the basis of colour, even the skin shade. I had then done some ‘looking into’, which threw up a lot of – literally lot of – surprising  stuff that made me sit up and mull upon a post.

Then Kaala happened. It got rave reviews for the way it was picturized and blah blah, but the reason I went to see it had nothing to do with Ranjith’s cinematic brilliance and the charisma of Rajini that was so written about.

So I wrote a post, not about the movie but the thoughts that had got finally crystallized — about the global colour-fixation on white skin – not racial discrimination, which another can of worms – and my bafflement at why Indians are being singled out for being the most colour-discriminating people in the world. 

I had gone to see ‘Kaala’ only for the popcorn and to spend time with my family, not because I am a great fan of Rajini. Of course, a part of my mind watched the movie, while the larger part was intent on dipping into the jumbo tub of popcorn and stuffing my face. But the brain has a mind of its own, and even the small part that was watching kept filing away tidbits from the film unfolding on the big screen.

One of the first things that my brain told me was that this man has a massive colour complex.

Read the full post Gora aur Kala Colour Discrimination !.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and agree to it wholeheartedly. Our obsession with the fair skin and the debate goes on, and doesn’t look like its going to end anytime soon.


    1. Thank you so much for reading, helllitsmine! The debate will continue, but it is important to understand that the colour complex is just some centuries old!


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