Cool tips for summer and a drink of Panagam

‘It is very hot this year, isn’t it?’ is the oft-repeated question by every Indian, during the summer, except perhaps those who live in Kashmir! Illnesses and disorders spike during these months, mostly due to exposure to the sun, which is unavoidable for those of us who have to go out during the day. Heatwaves are quite common and can turn dangerous and even fatal. It is therefore imperative to protect oneself from the heat by avoiding direct exposure.

We can follow some common-sense tips and drink plenty of fluids to beat the heat and its harmful effects. I have shared some tips picked up over the years of living in some of the hottest cities of our country. Also do try the cooling drinks I have shared – especially Panagam, which is a drink fit for the Gods! This is a family favourite and I make this all year round not just during summers.

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  1. Renu Rastogi · · Reply

    We make pana with raw mango.but yours is a very simple receipe.will certainly try.


    1. We make aam ka panna too, Renu, but this is a special bhog made in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Let me know how you like it.


  2. Hey, thanks for the tip! Will definitely try this very-inviting-looking drink soon. 😀


    1. Do, Deboshree. It is super easy and very tasty and of course cooling.


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