Listen to my favourite road trip songs as you go #aageseright!

Hindi film songs are wonderful, especially the old ones. There is one for every occasion/emotion/place. If one wanted, one could make a list of songs to fit any theme. I remember the FB music group that we school friends had, where we did just that, every week. It used to be such fun to search for the songs and then share them. It was then that I realised that there are a gazillion songs that are sung by actors/actresses while travelling on some mode of transport. What better than pick out my favourite road-trip songs from them for my post for Scout My Trip, going #aageseright?

As I warmed up, I decided that I would get as many forms of road transport songs as possible. So in addition to songs sung on bikes, cars and bullock-carts, I have one on a crazy three-wheeled contraption and even a song on roller skates! Oh, it was great fun picking them out! I left out trains and boats/ships, as Scout My Trip is all about road trips.

If you are a regular reader here, you’d know that I love old (read ‘ancient’) Hindi film songs. If you haven’t already read the posts about my craze, do read — Memories wrapped in Melody and Two Voices, One Love. I could have chosen all the songs from the B/W era, but out of deference to the younger generation, I have restricted myself to the 70s and 80s, while sneaking in a couple of songs from the 50s and a solitary one even from the 40s!

I guarantee that you will love them all. And don’t forget to play them as you go #aageseright on your next road trip – planned for you by the awesome team at Scout My Trip!

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