Pongalo Pongal!!

Wish you all a very Happy Makar Sankranti/Pongal!

The best thing about Indian festivals is that – especially if you are a south Indian – there are a lot of delicious items of naivedyam offered to the deity. What a wonderful way of preserving traditional cuisine and special recipes!

Makar Sankranti, which is celebrated as Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu is both a religious celebration as well as the harvest festival. Surya, the Sun God’s northward journey begins on this day, while Nature is feted and thanked for the bounties showered on us. Offerings are made out of fresh produce, including vegetables and even sugarcane. Cattle are worshipped, as they play an important role in the lives of people, especially farmers. One of the days of the three-day long festival is dedicated to the cattle and called Maattu pongal in their honour.

While in the north, til or sesame is an important ingredient of offering on Sankranti, rice is main ingredient in the south.  I have shared the recipes of two main offerings made on this day – one sweet and the other savoury – the chakkara pongal and ven pongal with their accompaniments, on  Everyday Veg Cooking.

Read and try out my recipes for Pongal and share your comments.

Chakkara Pongal and 7-kari-kootu for the festival of Pongal

Savoury Pongal with Tomato-til chutney


  1. Greeat share


    1. Thank you Sylvia, for stopping by.


  2. jaishvats · · Reply

    I love chakkarapongal ….wonder why it’s called so though we add only jaggery 😀 Happy Pongal Zephyr


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