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Growing up with stories

Create some magic moments for your child. Tell them stories!

Falling in love…with books

For me, magic was in that room filled with books in my grandfather’s house.

A tale of two books

Writing a biography is not easy. It gets tougher when it is about the childhood of eminent personalities. But it is most challenging when the target audience is children.

Children and the Holocaust

Life is not all about rosy things, though we would like to protect our children from suffering and depressing stuff. Letting them see the world in all its goodness and ugliness through a well written book is perhaps the best way to sensitise them.

Travelling to Lonely Places with Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer and his ‘Falling off the Map’ has brought out the book reviewer in me!

Salute to Mary Kom the Supermom!

Mary Kom, the spunky boxer from Manipur has made the country proud by ensuring a medal for the country at the London Olympics. Here is to wishing Mary Kom all the very best for a gold!

The Outsiders : An all-time favourite

Written by a teenager it breaks all codes for books for young people. It is stark, portrays ugly truths about social inequality and has several violent scenes both direct and implied including a murder.