Mango and neem flower chutney – ‘It’s Different’!

Our festivals, especially in the south,  use ingredients that grow/fruit during the  particular season, to prepare the naivedyam. So the naivedyam for the Tamil New Year, which falls in the hot month of April necessarily features mango. There is another unique ingredient that is used for this festival – neem flowers, which is also abundant during April and is a coolant! I had written about the Tamil New Year here.

Now, the pachadi (chutney) made with mango and neem flower has unique health benefits. And it can be made on other days too, not necessarily only on New Year’s Day.

Do check out the recipe and try it out this summer, with or without the neem flowers!

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  1. We prepare this every year during this season. But without neem. Will try your recipe now.🙂


    1. We too generally prepare without the need, but during the month of April, and especially on New Year’s Day, we add it. And there is no need to use just the fresh flowers. Dried and ghee-fried flowers are also good. In fact, we make rasam with the dried flowers throughout the year.

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  2. hi so good to read your blog again. nice photo. how are you?


    1. Hi Sarbari! So nice to see you here after ages! I saw a post notification from you a few days ago and was meaning to hop over.


      1. Look forward to


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