Sundal – a favourite Navaratri snack

If Navaratri comes, can sundal  be far behind? For it is that naivedyam that is offered to the Devi and then distributed to everyone who visits your home for kolu and/or  haldi-kumkum. Children get an extra-large packet 🙂

Though sundal is a naivedyam for Ganesh Chaturthi too, its association with Navaratri is unmistakable for the above reason 🙂

This is a protein rich snack which is enjoyed by both children and adults alike and can be made with a variety of pulses.

Read my latest recipe of this delectable dish here.

Hope you enjoy making and eating it, not just during Navaratri but also on days when you want a healthy snack.


  1. I never had this. May be you can give me some? 🙂


    1. Sure, Varsha! Come on over and let me know a day in advance 🙂 But it is very easy to make too. Just boil and add tadka. No fuss recipe, which I am sure the kids would love.


  2. This looks simple enough! And so versatile! I wonder how it tastes with gur. How varied is our cuisine!


    1. Oh it is also made with gur. I should have mentioned in the post. Will add it now. Not all of them taste good with gur though.


  3. Sundal to Navratri or Golu is what is crackers and fireworks are to Deepavali. They are inseparable and looked forward to every evening during the nine- day festival.Some varieties made with gur are my favourites


    1. Oh yes, Navaratri is synonymous with sundal, isn’t it? I remember your childhood anecdote about your accompanying your sisters for haldi-kumkum 🙂


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