Something is cooking – and it is Rasam!

And now I have my own kitchen corner in Everyday Veg Cooking!  Do hop over to Zephyr’s Corner, try out the recipe for rasam that I have posted there. And don’t forget to let me know how you like it after trying it out.

Rasam might sound like a commonplace dish, but it is an integral part of south Indian food and also an excellent appetizer and convalescent food. So may people love it but might not know how easy-peasy it is. it is fast becoming popular across India and even finds place in 5-star menus!

I am sharing not just the recipe for rasam but also my personal recipe for the powder.

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If there is a south Indian vegetarian equivalent of chicken soup, it has to be rasam. Combined with steamed rice and a dollop of ghee, it is also the best comfort food. The best thing about rasam though, is its hundreds of avatars. There are so many varieties that one need not repeat the same recipe for weeks, if one doesn’t want to.

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  1. South Indian meals will never be complete without rasam. It’s a South Indian soup -peppery and hot, sour and nourishing especially during the time when you are down with fever and severe cold. It can be enjoyed in a mug. In recent times i have seen rasam, gaining popularity with north Indians too. once i was travelling by Rajdhani express from Bangalore to Nagpur. It was the month of December. Winter season. I was about to buy hot tomato soup.One of my co-passenger ,was a Punjabi going to Delhi,stopped me from buying soup. Instead he told me to have a new variety of soup called ‘Rasam’ .He couldn’t make out ,i was a south Indian. On hearing this, i was surprised to know about his liking for Rasam taste. Because normally north Indians don’t prefer tamarind sour taste.Then the conversation started and touched almost every flavor of south Indian food. Then he wanted to know the recipe and how its prepared.Then different types of rasam etc . Train journey was made very interesting with rasam.


    1. You don’t have the typical south Indian look, so I can imagine that gentleman telling you about rasam 😀


  2. I just love rasam. But I never get it right. I’m sure i will. Now! Yay!


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