A recipe and a sweet debut

You will be glad (I hope 🙂 ) to know that the I have also started sharing recipes! I have been compiling for some time now, many of the traditional recipes that we cook at home along with several that I have picked up from here and there over the years. I usually tweak them a bit, mostly to reduce the fat, but also to add nutritive value to some of them. And then there is the ever-famous Cybernag version of  ‘jugaad’ food which can be literally anything, made from ahem…. anything, including leftovers 🙂 – the main criteria being that they are quick and non-fussy and of course tasty!

I thank my friend Suman for featuring my first proper recipe on her awesome food blog – Everyday Veg Cooking. She is a wonderful cook who can whip up the most complicated dish in a jiffy and make it look super-simple.  You can take my word for it that they are most delicious. Do browse through her recipes.

Coming to this particular recipe, my maid in Jabalpur had taught me this pumpkin kheer.  I was rushed for time and had no dessert idea for an unexpected guest when the darling girl came up with this super-simple recipe that turned out into an awesome dessert. It has been a favourite with me ever since.

Read the full post here. And oh, after checking it out, do tell me if I dare share more recipes with you all.


  1. Lovely! I love reading recipes, sharing them and trying out new recipes. So, big thumbs up from me for sharing recipes. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Rachna! Look forward to your comments on the posts. I will be contributing to Suman’s blog for now 🙂


  2. This is so yum! And I’m so pleased you’ll be sharing your recipes. I look forward to learning lots of tasty new things to cook. My kids will be so pleased!

    All the best for this new phase! ❤


    1. And the first post is a Jabalpuria dish too 🙂 Thank you for such enthusiastic response! Both Vinni and Swati have been asking me to share my recipes on Suman’s blog, and I have made a beginning 🙂

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      1. And you began with a Jabalpuria dish…! Pakka good luck! 😀


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