From the secret diary of ‘The Crown Prince’.

Alka Gurha’s writing has a rare fluidity that never fails to amaze me. Her observations are sharp and accurate, be it personal or anything pertaining to the society or the political system. Her grasp of the topic is total, as she takes the readers on a no-hold-barred session of well-aimed barbs laced with delightful wit. I routinely check to see what she has written on a particular event to get her viewpoint, which often uncannily matches mine. Alas, I lack her felicity with words!

Her Freebird is one of the blogs I never miss visiting. In this guest post, she gives us a sneak-peek into the crown prince’s secret diary – tongue firmly in cheek. Enjoy!



Dear Diary,

This year, on my birthday I was flooded with several open letters. Most letters are by the chattering literati needlessly infatuated by the ‘Rahul-for- PM’ call. They are crying foul and hyperventilating on television debating my inevitable coronation. All these middle-class letter writers don’t come out to vote, so I don’t really care. But I do have a few things to say to my detractors.

Since communication is not my forte I vent my feelings to you, my dear diary.


On Fascism Vs democracy in India

India discovered the concept of democracy more than a thousand years ago through Panchayati Raj at the grassroots level. It was smothered by the fascist Brits during their Raj. It is to my great grandfather’s credit that he brought a semblance of democracy after independence. Fortunately for my family, India remained a democracy but the idea of democracy became a myth within the Congress party. A party which the Mahatma wanted dismantled. Can you imagine India without the Congress? I can’t. India is Congress and Congress is India!


On my views on important issues on national security, terrorism, inflation etc.

If I had any views I would have elucidated them by now. Honestly, I have no views, vision or version on most issues. Neither does my mother, nor did my father. But dad was a successful PM. So there!


On encouraging dynasty politics

In all fairness I can’t change my family name, can I? I was born with a political spoon and grew up in the lap of power and its attendant – Wealth. I am used to sycophantic party-men running after my car with folded hands. Not that I ask them to, but it’s a norm. In fact my day starts with a watery soup of flattery.


On molesting democracy

You want me to contest elections? I can contest elections and win from Amethi any day. Yes, even without Priyanka’s help. And within my party I need not contest any election. Undoubtedly, I will be the unanimous choice. No, young Scindia and Pilot do not stand a chance. You see, Congress lacks ideology and the Gandhi family forms its core. The sheep are always in search of a shepherd.


On lack of intellect and ability

In politics intellect is non-existential. If I had intellect I would have cracked IIT and completed my course from Harvard University. So what if I failed in Hindi at Stephens?  Former PM Deve Gowda couldn’t speak Hindi as well.

The pseudo intellectuals who write letters to me dare not question my courage and commitment. They will never come out of the air-conditioned comforts and slog in this heat. It takes a lot to walk 33 kms along the Yamuna Expressway and interact with hundreds in a single day. The grateful people of the state have even decided to celebrate my birthday as Kisan Adhikar Diwas.


On Black Money in Swiss Banks

It is a top secret. Mom was in Switzerland last week, but I am not supposed to divulge any details. Not even in a diary.


On Lokpal

It is a utopian dream – The only topic on which BJP and Congress are in bed together. No insider will axe his own foot. Can’t help you see, because corruption funds Indian democracy.


On accountability

What’s that?

Gandhi’s are not used to taking the heat. When government decisions bomb Dr Singh faces the flak. If it’s a populist decision, mommy takes the credit. Our political strategy after the 2004 elections is to hold influential positions in the party, but not in the government. This way we get to speak little and control more. The strategy is working fine for the family.


On Italian surname in my passport

In national interest, it is more important to check if Ramdev’s aid Balkrishna is a Nepali or not. The nation need not worry about my passport. My chances of becoming a PM are alive only in India. Not in Italy.


On becoming the PM via back door

Fie on those who think I cannot be the PM or that I will occupy the seat via backdoor. Side-door maybe! The strategy is to swing UP 2012 elections in the favor of the Congress. Why else do you think I am visiting all the rape victims and Dalits in UP? After 2012 UP win, the cries of my coronation will reach a crescendo. Diggy will make sure of that.  In all probability there won’t be a UPA III. At that point of time, we will see ‘ki hawa kis taraf hai’.

If the inflation is high and India’s growth story is on a decline, then I will hold the remote and someone like Digvijay can become the P.M. If the country is doing well then I will occupy what is rightfully mine and Digvijay can be the Home Minister. He deserves a ministry for pillion driving me at 4 a.m. to Bhatta Parsaul.


A word about Diggy:

He doesn’t shoot from the hip. There is calculated method to his madness. He says stuff that I wish to say but cannot. Like, “RSS and Hindu terror are the biggest threats to the nation”. Also in order to win UP we need Dalit – Muslim votes. The former have been nurtured by Mayawati and hence Digvijay keeps the Muslims in good humor by flirting with their sentiments. And I conveniently play along.


Dear Diary – Tell me, who should be India’s future PM?

Mayawati, Modi, Mommy, Mamta, Manmohan or Me?

Pick any M. I mean PM.

Oops ….I forgot. Advani ji is also waiting to jump in from behind the bushes. At 85 if he can jump that is.

Ha, ha….my dimples are hurting.


  1. Excellent, enjoyable article! Especially the para on accountability…


  2. witty and thought stimulating post on a contemporary issue..
    Loved what u think about diggy 🙂


  3. Excellent Alka, as usual. The sarcasm and the wit is wonderful, and it is so sad that these are the people who are our political future. As the last line aptly points out, what are we to do? Which M or PM to pick?


    1. Yes, the TINA factor provides more power to the ‘could be’ PMs. There is no alternative….and its Unfortunate.


  4. Great post.Keep them coming


    1. Thank you indeed!


  5. First off, I wish to apologize for my late submission, thanks to a cocktail of MTNL and my newly acquired Cisco router ‘E3000’. (I have stopped writing comments through my smartphone as I invariably end up with typos…:()

    As Zephyr made it clear in the preface itself, you have written an outstanding, excellent, if merciless, post. I suspect that the format chosen would lend itself to respectable volumes. Do think over it. Finally, Shri Rahul Gandhi and his party, ‘The Congress’, or for that matter most political parties of this nation, consist of sagas “full of sound and fury; signifying nothing.”

    Carry on the silken posts.


    1. I was talking to Zephyr about your absence from the blogging scene.Regarding MTNL, Airtel is throwing tantrums too!

      Your comments are valuable since your writing has a breadth and authority to die for.Thank you for reading.


  6. your insight into the political situation never ceases to amaze me Alks and neither do you!


    1. Suru dear when the topic is politics all the anger sloshing in my veins comes out in full force….In fact i have to restrain myself from mouthing the Delhi Belly type of sweet nothings!


  7. With Bobby Darling revealing his desire to be Mrs Rahul G, Baba will now be running scared for his dear life.

    But one thing you will have to concede – he is one of the rare leaders who attempts to reach out to the masses.


    1. Bobby Darling was perhaps trying to stay in the news for some more time.He/She knows no other way. And yes, I do appreciate Rahul’s direct interaction with people on the ground so I mentioned :

      (The pseudo intellectuals who write letters to me dare not question my courage and commitment. They will never come out of the air-conditioned comforts and slog in this heat. It takes a lot to walk 33 kms along the Yamuna Expressway and interact with hundreds in a single day.)

      In the age of communication Rahul’s interactions are a fresh change from Sonias ‘Granite detachment’ and Manmohan’s ‘Stony Silence’.


  8. Simply wonderful. Enjoyed reading it!


    1. Thank you Abha. Loved your last post on Daffodils about your visit to the Dentist. Hope alls well now.


  9. Indiana Amrita · · Reply

    Awesome take! I appreciate your choice for sharing such stuffs in ur blog! 🙂


    Indie! 🙂


  10. Great Take on our Dynastic Politics.


  11. Very interesting read….absolute fun.


  12. oops Alka does it again!!!! Hilarious ….


    1. ‘Khoj….The eternal search’.Thanks.


  13. Mukesh · · Reply

    It makes a very interesting reading with a healthy dose of humour. I enjoyed reading it and sharing it with friends.


    1. Mukesh Mathur, Thank you for reading and sharing.


  14. Hahahahaha….Hilarious Post! Kudos to Alka Gurha


    1. I am glad I could reach out to CyberNag readers.Thanks.


  15. Great insight!! Rahul Gandhi is a disappointment in every way, but his writing skills are commendable 😐


    1. ha, ha…thanks.


  16. Pratibha · · Reply

    Enjoyed thoroughly.
    He still wants to remain one of India’s most eligible bachelor!!!
    No comments on it!!


    1. I am sure he misses Veronique his architect girlfriend. The news was that they broke off as Mom Sonia didn’t approve.But marriage will have to wait till UP 2012.


  17. THIS Is SO HILARIOUS!! enjoyed reading it…


    1. Thank you and Cyber Nag for providing this platform.


  18. brilliant! surgically precise! as always!!


    1. Thanks Deepak. The fact that you read it, means a lot.


  19. Hahahaha.. that brilliant. The darling cute prince mind unraveled! Also very relevant and biting satire on state of affairs.

    “It is a utopian dream – The only topic on which BJP and Congress are in bed together. No insider will axe his own foot. Can’t help you see, because corruption funds Indian democracy.”

    On Lokpal – you have so aptly summarized it in 2 lines. Bang on target. Sadly while the truth remains, we continue to believe in miracle.

    thanks for this post. I am a new freebird fan.


    1. Thank You Mayank. I owe to Zephyr for providing a platform to air my views.

      When the topic is politics the simmering resentment against the pollies(all hues and colors) which has been sloshing inside suddenly comes out in full force. Ha, ha.


  20. Ah! Post accounting Rahulji’s contemplation to his dear diary. A thought provoking insight. And those aren’t dimples that are hurting; it’s the pothole in which he fell during his padyatra. Jeez, such a liar.


    1. The padyatra is ostensibly for Mission UP 2012 but the guy IS toiling in heat and dust with his chaperons in tow.


  21. Good take on present situation and who else is better to handle than you? I vote for you and your blog.


    1. Thank you Mr. Ayyangar. Appreciate your spending time.


    2. Hey SRA, the post is not by me, but my blogger friend Alka. Thank you though for voting for my blog 🙂


    3. I vote for Cyber Nag too.


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