On the wings of a butterfly

It is an organization with a difference. Different, because it is run by a bunch of ‘idiots’ as they like to call themselves. But if idiots can conceive of and do such wonderful work, I say give me more idiots any day!

Ek Titli, literally meaning, ‘a butterfly’ is a green organization that believes in small changes in the way we think and act; involving you, me and the person next door who can together bring about a big change to reverse the trend of a global environmental catastrophe. Yes, that is where we are hurtling headlong into. Our unthinking ways are shrinking ecological systems, endangering rare species of birds, animals and plants among other things, depleting ground water resources, polluting rivers and other potable water sources….the list of our misdeeds are endless.

And unless we each do our bit to think and act green, there is nothing much that can be done to pull the earth back from the brink. Don’t they say, ‘Boond boond se nadi bane; nadi nadi se saagar…?’ (many drops make a river and many rivers make an ocean).

This is the theory that Ek Titli has based its vision and mission upon – of each one of us working towards a greener world. It aspires to become ‘an integrated solutions provider for the multiple ecological challenges’ that we face today, by making us think green and live green in our daily lives. Don’t say it is impossible because Ek Titli is all about the ‘possible’.

And now let’s hear it straight from the ‘idiots’ mouths….


Ek Titli set out to achieve the possible. We all know it, have heard about it and even appreciated it but didn’t bother if we could contribute to it too! Ek Titli gives a platform to give wings to your ‘natural’ instincts.

We provide green solutions, mainly focused on converting chemical farms into organic ones, which, by the way, is something you can set up too in your garden or even terrace, only that it will be called a micro organic farm J

You ask who ‘we’ are here. Well, we are a bunch of idiots who think they can change the world!

We also have a huge online dais that gives everyone an opportunity to talk Green & live greener. So if you have heard of a little birdie doing something appreciable for the green space, our online portal is where it should nest for a while. We spotlight the Green Do-Gooders, we love to associate with them.

We also like to read, write and talk about anything natural, organic and green! So the portal gives space to travelogues, photo features and even interviews with a green orientation.

For more details on what our portal entails, check out




Drop in a mail if this interests you, or to just say hello to the idiots. We will smile back, and it’s contagious J






  1. Very nice post and a wake-up call for all of us to heed the call of mother earth


    1. do contribute to their cause with your inputs.


  2. A good initiative.


    1. Did you check out the Titli site? It is good.


  3. A very hard hitting picture! A great initiative, gives you much to think about! Off to check out more.


    1. Do check it out and post some stories for them too 🙂


  4. A green initiative by a spunky lady – like.


  5. Thank you all!

    Please join us on Facebook 🙂 and do write for our Portal 🙂

    Think Green!


    1. You are welcome Swati. Will surely write for Ek Titli 🙂


  6. Had a look at their online dais and am mighty impressed.
    You know Gulf countries are making such a big effort to plant trees, grow their own vegetable, some areas are so green that it is difficult to imagine that once upon a time it was a desert. Once upon a time all vegetables were imported from the Indian subcontinent but today most of it is grown locally. ANd so when I come down to India and see the deforestation, the levelling of mountains, it pains me.
    And when I see organisations like Ek titli trying to do their bit, I feel proud; there is still hope.
    I too will try to contribute in their efforts in whichever way I can


    1. That would make a wonderful post for Ek Titli. We need to focus more on the positive things that are being done on the environment front.


  7. A much needed initiative. Agree that we all should do our bit. As you say- Boond boond se nadi bane; nadi nadi se saagar…?

    I’ll certainly check out their website.


    1. You do that Manju. Hope to see your contribution there 🙂


  8. “You ask who ‘we’ are here. Well, we are a bunch of idiots who think they can change the world!”

    you know what? as I was reading your post and thinking what a wonderful idea, this particular line above struck me suddenly and I said hmmm, i have seen this sentiment before, from many others who would call themselves fools, idiots because they setting out to do something which would enrich the earth, would change it for the better.

    and then I thought, the reason it struck me, is that i almost never ever, hear people who set out to destroy the earth through war, through chemicals, through manipulation, through (you can fill in the blanks), say: we are idiots or fools. they proudly proclaim what great jobs are they doing, they preach their way of doing things and actually tom tom about great achievements and then write best sellers on them!

    there is something about being gentle and loving about the earth, and being the aggressor and destroyer of the earth. there is a subtle difference between being cocksure and being gently doubtful about whether this is the right action, because one knows that one does not ever have the absolute right answer. don’t you think?


    1. That was a typical Sharbori analysis of the whole thing 🙂 Loved it. You are so right about aggressors and destructive people being so sure of themselves. That is their ego speaking, while those who are trying to do something good are disarmingly simple. do write for them. Your views are sure to be valuable.


      1. I like what Sharbori said.Very true,when it is unconventional we prefer the words “idiots,fools,nerds”.Somewhere that is how we picture ourselves in the minds of public.Nonetheless I’m joining them on facebook.


        1. Welcome to the club of ‘idiots’! Better an idiot than an aggro 🙂


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