The Moving Bug strikes again!

Hey folks! Guess what? It is not just houses but also blog hosts that I keep moving to and from. And it is now time for the move again. Please bear with me as the younger one is shifting the blog.
I know I have not been very regular these past months but am definitely making the efforts to be more regular. Till then, please browse the blog and read posts you might have missed. I will be back with a new look soon!


  1. Rahul · · Reply

    Await your return Zephyr:) I read the tribute on Latha’s blog and wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to write for your blog, which was my first guest post!


    1. You are welcome Rahul. It was my pleasure to host you. I am blessed to have such great friends as you and Latha 🙂


  2. Welcome in New avatar Zephyr, Congats.


  3. It helps having one’s own website…..its kind of “my” feeling


  4. Fabulous ! Congrats Zephyr on your very own website !


  5. Perfect gift . Hopping over to the new home . 😀


  6. congratulations on the new site…hopping over right away!


  7. congrats on your new website…CN.. and u dont need to spruce up ur site….we will take the wine in any bottle 😀


    1. thanks NN. Did you visit the new site yet? I would love to hear your comments on its appearance! 🙂


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