Though I had lived in cities with some beautiful rivers, it wasn’t till I set my eyes on the Ganga that I fell in love with a river for the first time in my life.


Ever wondered how The Iron Man of India was as a schoolboy? A birth Anniversary tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who was born on 31 October 1875.


If I feel left out of ‘shares’ and forwards by friends and family, because I don’t use a smartphone, it is more than offset by my relief at not riding the tiger.


The ways men and women react to stressful situations can be so varied. Take at look at some.


Most of the children who came to her library knew her only as Library Aunty and the name stuck.

hdwallpaperlist dot com

Fusion cooking is fine, but for god’s sake, let us at least master one of them before fusing them into some awful mash.


All it needs to brighten up an aged, lined face is a smile and a crown of grey/silver.


Comic books might not have literary value but those like Amar Chitra Katha have brought the myths, folk tales, epics and biographies within the grasp of even primary school children.


What an experienced librarian, a frantic mother and dozens of children reading books in our living room couldn’t do, was accomplished by a little girl, who turned the boy into a reader!


Create some magic moments for your child. Tell them stories!


For me, magic was in that room filled with books in my grandfather’s house.


….the things we shared, but most of all the love, as children, as adults. It makes me smile, even if my eyes mist over….

religious fasting

Don’t you fast during Navaratras? my maid asked me. ‘No, we make a feast for the goddess and eat it,’ I replied, much to her disgust.


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