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Falling in love…with books

For me, magic was in that room filled with books in my grandfather’s house.

I remember……

….the things we shared, but most of all the love, as children, as adults. It makes me smile, even if my eyes mist over….

F(e)asting through festivals

Don’t you fast during Navaratras? my maid asked me. ‘No, we make a feast for the goddess and eat it,’ I replied, much to her disgust.

A tale of two books

Writing a biography is not easy. It gets tougher when it is about the childhood of eminent personalities. But it is most challenging when the target audience is children.

Neighbourly niceties

A friendly neighbourhood is like a warm joint family, where everyone looks out for and supports each other. Alas, these are fast becoming endangered, thanks to insular apartments with little need for interaction among the neighbours.

Chalees saal baad – a journey back in time

It was a reunion that made us forty years younger as we went back to school and relived the memories, acting out some of them, even as the spouses, children and teachers looked indulgently on…

A lesson in faith and surrender

‘Why do you need to breathe, when I am breathing for you?’ he asks me simply. And then I let go and stop struggling to breathe. For the record, I didn’t die.

All that (Indi)meets the eye, is wonderful!

Indiblogger meets have been getting faster and too tech-savvy for me. Twitter and FB rule! And everything is quick, quick and quicker please. The old bones do protest, even if the spirit says, ‘Run, fast!’

The Blog Bully — Are you a victim?

When the Blog Bully goes calling, even the mightiest bloggers quake in their shoes. Have you been struck — yet?

Links and Tags

It has been a while since I picked up a tag. But this one was a perfect anniversary gift for my blog that has given me so much joy and a lot of friends.

My tryst with the Mumbai local train

After a successful trial run, during off-peak hours, when the compartment was only as crowded as the Delhi Metro during peak hours, I felt encouraged to go on a full-fledged trip in the Mumbai local train.

The long and short of a hairy tale

When I was finally forced to cut my Rapunzel locks short, I refused to look at it lying on the floor – a final parting of ways. Or was it?

A lesson never learnt

We were supposed to be laughing or at least smiling. Crunch, crunch…The popcorn kept us awake as we waited with bated breath for the comedy scenes to begin.