Category Nostalgia

Close encounters of the river kind

Though I had lived in cities with some beautiful rivers, it wasn’t till I set my eyes on the Ganga that I fell in love with a river for the first time in my life.

Chalees saal baad – a journey back in time

It was a reunion that made us forty years younger as we went back to school and relived the memories, acting out some of them, even as the spouses, children and teachers looked indulgently on…

Earthen Diya memories

Even as times change, there are some things that remain constant, such as the enchantment of the diya burning bright on Diwali, discovers my guest blogger Arti.

Jingles all the way

Radio jingles of nearly half a century ago are still hummable and many have even successfully been adapted for TV.

Two voices, one love – Mohammed Rafi, Ameen Sayani

There were two voices that I would have died for in those days and still do – Mohammed Rafi and Ameen Sayani.

Where is the magic of childhood?

One need not have oodles of money for children to have fun. All it requires is imagination and some effort.