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When blackness envelops the nation…

Artificially ‘natural’

We form clubs for laughter and guffaw artificially to keep fit. We laugh with the canned laughter at inane and moronic jokes and antics on the tube if we are really desperate. Is it that we have nothing to laugh about, or we don’t have the time to be with those we love to laugh at shared moments of joy?

Sixty years on……

Switch on the TV and you have all the channels holding ‘discussions’ on one topic or other. I am sick of the same spokespersons of the various parties — of the brazenness of the ruling coalition, the self righteousness of the Opposition, the judgmental tone of the Left. Pots calling kettles black.

Look who’s talking about saving the environment!

India is among many countries whose culture still advocates eco-friendly customs and practices. Let us take a look at how things were before we ‘imported’ the very things that are threatening the environment the world over today and how we can at least partially return to those customs.

The Commonwealth Camouflage

While every Indian feels justifiably proud of hosting a sporting event of this magnitude, the costs in terms of human misery and economic resources cannot be either ignored or wished away.

An Open Letter to Vijay Mallya

It sounds mighty impressive for passengers to be called ‘guests’ by the Kingfisher Airlines, but it is all cosmetic, with no real substance to the term.