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Whose Right is it anyway?

The word Rights is perhaps the most abused one these days with everyone demanding theirs without sparing a thought to those whose rights they are impinging upon.

The immortal Voice of Silences

Jagjit Singh took ghazals out of exclusive mehfils and brought them within the reach of the common man. His voice was like honey — flowing smoothly and soothing the heart of the listener. His demise has created a void that will be hard to fill….

From the secret diary of ‘The Crown Prince’.

The blue-eyed boy of the Congress is hogging all the audiovisual bytes these days. But for all his public image, our dimpled ‘future PM’ is a shy guy. Alka Gurha gives her readers a sneak peek into his secret diary, which is privy to his innermost thoughts.

Grumpy gadgets etc…..

Ironically life is not meant to be simple, it gets insipid otherwise. We thrive on ordeals and challenges, we crib and we cope.

Stepping into the wild

The jungle conjures up images of wildlife, nature, the thrill of sighting a big cat and the accompanying adventure. And yet, there is something beyond these – something sublime, almost spiritual as one steps into the wild. It has many lessons to teach if one has the patience or willingness to learn them, as Mayank discovers…

A breeze from the past

Life dishes up surprises; sometimes the surprise element lies in the sameness of events.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Adults often don’t think twice before speaking in front of a child. And when it concerns the child herself and the comments not charitable, it can be very disturbing for her. Fortunately for this little girl, things had a happy ending — but not before creating a storm in her heart.

The little drummer

At times an event, an experience or a discovery can be the defining moment in an adolescent or teenager’s life. Feel the pride, emotion and the exhilaration in her words as a little girl, now all grown up, strolls down memory lane!