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Stop labelling elders, it sticks!

How does the word Elder sound? Isn’t it perfect to describe someone who is older in age, experienced and weathered in the nitty-gritty of the world?

The problems of a greying India

If the old are worried about getting older and becoming helpless without care, the young are equally concerned about taking care of their elders given that they might not be living close or other such constraints.

‘Full Family’

The happiest was the younger brat, for not only had his elder brother got admission to his chosen college, but we were also a ‘full family’ after having been separated for the whole day!

Growing up with stories

Create some magic moments for your child. Tell them stories!

Driving (us) Crazy

Did you know that driving and parking the car are family activities in the L&M’s family?


Togetherness can no more be taken for granted. Every moment has to be carefully put away to be pulled out later to savoured. And Zephyr is busy collecting those moments during this interlude. So please don’t go away, she will be right back, break ke baad!

Why this Reverse Stereotyping di?

Traditions, customs, social institutions and even faith are the grounding factors in a person’s life. Bereft of them, a person can flounder, especially in times of crises.

A handful of sand

What does a handful of sand have to do with love, relationships and raising children?


Tricky teen-talk

A vital aspect of the teen years is communication — or the lack of it. Simply put, they don’t want to communicate. I swear we had taught both the brats how to talk and answer questions when they were small! But I don’t know what went wrong and why they stopped talking, rather ‘didn’t want to talk about it’.

Of milestones

Milestones are precious and when they are celebrated with one’s children and grandchildren, they become even more so.

When less is more

Contrary to what the ad gurus would have us believe, more is less which is why we ‘maange more’ all the time and still are unsatisfied.

Enjoy it back to front!

My father used to read the beginning of a whodunit to know the plot and then go on to find out what happened at the end. Then he would read the book, leisurely going back and forth and enjoying every bit of the story! It drove me nuts.

A child of destiny

Sometimes we have no control over events. Joey came to us because he was destined to.