What if a society has citizens who have their memories wiped clean?

children at school assembly

As compared to the earlier caste system which was determined by birth, the present one is defined by material wealth and social status.

CV Raman

Sir.C.V.Raman, whose birth anniversary is being celebrated today, was not just a scientist, but a keen lover of music, arts, nature and more. He was as good a student as he was a teacher and his students doted on him. A peep into the man behind the scientist…


Have the prayers changed, or have they just become more realistic?


Life is not all about rosy things, though we would like to protect our children from suffering and depressing stuff. Letting them see the world in all its goodness and ugliness through a well written book is perhaps the best way to sensitise them.

Sunset in Rishikesh

Faith, they say, can move mountains. And what better place to find it than a house of worship, where the faith of thousands effectively makes it throb with positive energy?

Spear Cartoon 3794

A note of thanks to my friends and readers on the eve of the third blogaversary of the Cybernag.

designer gifts

Gifting has now become a crazy game of catch-me-if-you-can, where the sentiment behind the gift is lost in the competition to show off. Weren’t gifts supposed to be something to be selected lovingly, given with a lot of love and cherished?

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Pico Iyer and his ‘Falling off the Map’ has brought out the book reviewer in me!


Listening is an art, a therapy, a spiritual act, no less. But for listening to be effective, the listener has to do it with her heart, else the one being listened to finds no solace.

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We have double standards and are very choosy about whom we defend, for we are hypocrites. It has a name : Selective outrage.

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It was a reunion that made us forty years younger as we went back to school and relived the memories, acting out some of them, even as the spouses, children and teachers looked indulgently on…

Organ Donation

Grief can do a lot of things to people, most of them negative — including hatred and violence. But grief is at its positive best when a family shattered by the death of a loved one in a traumatic road accident comes forward to donate the organs, because even in death, there is hope for other lives to be saved.


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