Listening is an art, a therapy, a spiritual act, no less. But for listening to be effective, the listener has to do it with her heart, else the one being listened to finds no solace.

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Standing up against injustice is not part of our psyches, at least not when it doesn’t concern us directly. Some truths are uncomfortable: We undertake online causes and join candle vigils, but when it comes to the crunch, we baulk at sticking our necks out for the victim. We make a volte face in our indictment when the criminal is our son or friend, or someone who can benefit us in some way. Isn’t it precisely this attitude that makes the molesters bold and brazen?

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It was a reunion that made us forty years younger as we went back to school and relived the memories, acting out some of them, even as the spouses, children and teachers looked indulgently on…

Organ Donation

Grief can do a lot of things to people, most of them negative — including hatred and violence. But grief is at its positive best when a family shattered by the death of a loved one in a traumatic road accident comes forward to donate the organs, because even in death, there is hope for other lives to be saved.

kirana stores

Lucky are those who can happily shop in a mega store or mall, finding all they want under one roof. I have to shop at two or three different places as some of the items are only available at certain stores.


‘Why do you need to breathe, when I am breathing for you?’ he asks me simply. And then I let go and stop struggling to breathe. For the record, I didn’t die.

annamalai deepam

The festival of Karthigai is as important as, or rather even more important than Diwali for Tamilians. It is the original festival of lights when every house and temple is aglow with the light of hundreds of lamps.

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The Sunday Book Club is so informal and the discussions are such fun that to my greatest delight, even I tweet like mad, getting replies and retweets too!


Even as times change, there are some things that remain constant, such as the enchantment of the diya burning bright on Diwali, discovers my guest blogger Arti.


Folk arts and crafts are slowly vanishing from villages and finding their way into TV studios, swank auditoriums and posh living rooms, in their designer avatars. Should we be thankful that they are surviving, at least this way?

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India needs a Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar more than ever, with the plight of the girl child and woman being what it is today. Nothing seems to have changed from his days till now.


Indiblogger meets have been getting faster and too tech-savvy for me. Twitter and FB rule! And everything is quick, quick and quicker please. The old bones do protest, even if the spirit says, ‘Run, fast!’

Mechanic working on a Bullet

There are many jobs and professions in our country that can be practised without a formal degree, licence or even basic education. What is more, they pay well. Is that why education and literacy are not considered important enough?


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