Child in childhood

Far from feeling carefree like butterflies and enjoying their childhood, our kids might actually be glad to leave their childhood behind them, considering how many of them are being pushed to excel by their parents!

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Time hangs heavily on our hands some times, but when we want to hold on to it, it fleets past – as it did in the last couple of months while I jealously hoarded the memories….

domestic child labour

A child is a child, no matter if she is born in a slum or in a palace. She deserves the best. So if you cannot give her the best, at least do not let her have the worst. Or is it asking too much?

chidlren in a slum

I can understand the need to protect children from visuals of violence and perversion that are aired and published with such impunity by the irresponsible media. But the plight of the poor and powerless is not something that needs to be kept hidden from our children. How else would they come to know of the other side of the society? Wouldn’t they grow up into believing that only Chhota Bhim and Dora’s world are real and cute and the maid’s child is ‘dirty’ ? And wouldn’t they thus grow into insensitive adults who shun such realities to avoid being ‘depressed’?


Did you know that driving and parking the car are family activities in the L&M’s family?


Now that English is a global language, with non-native speakers outnumbering native speakers, it has taken on a life of its own in non-English-speaking countries, and the question of correctness, of who owns English, is taking on a new spin.

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Togetherness can no more be taken for granted. Every moment has to be carefully put away to be pulled out later to savoured. And Zephyr is busy collecting those moments during this interlude. So please don’t go away, she will be right back, break ke baad!


The Sunshine People are the ones who literally bring sunshine with them. Sometimes it is their smile, at other times it is their words and yet others it is just their aura that lights up the place.


Radio jingles of nearly half a century ago are still hummable and many have even successfully been adapted for TV.


Traditions, customs, social institutions and even faith are the grounding factors in a person’s life. Bereft of them, a person can flounder, especially in times of crises.

Thumbs up and down

In any democratic process the cons are as important as the pros for an idea to gain currency and acceptance.


Slums are the biggest and cheapest vote banks. Minority, caste, regional or the intellectual vote banks come at a price, often a steep one. A slum dweller on the other hand will take a thousand rupees or less and/or a bottle of booze to press the button on the EVM.


We had done extensive research about job interviews by turning to our primary source of information — Hindi movies. What we saw reassured us greatly. All one had to do was to sit in a cabin and sign some papers after getting selected! That was what Jeetendra did in the movie.


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